Are Hollister Ostomy products latex free?

As we already know, Ostomy Surgery is a life-saving procedure that involves creating an opening known as the stoma in the abdominal region of the body. The opening created surgically is then used for the passage of the excreta from the body. This, in simpler words, means that an artificially created diversion is being made used to pass the urine or stool. Here the usage of Ostomy Products becomes crucial since Ostomy Surgery can be a temporary or a permanent procedure and therefore needs utmost care through the Ostomy Supplies and Accessories.

What are Hollister Ostomy Products?

When we talk of Ostomy related products, Hollister Ostomy Supplies assist with some of the top quality Ostomy Products that can be shipped right to your door at just no cost. Hollister Incorporated is an independent, employee-owned company that develops, manufactures, and markets healthcare products and services globally. Hollister is a big name that has certainly set a benchmark in the world of Ostomy Care Products. This is done under the name of the two trendy global brands: Hollister Ostomy and Dansac Ostomy. 

Pros of Hollister Ostomy Products

We will now be checking out the reasons as to why the Ostomates in Canada are switching to a more prominent usage of the Hollister Ostomy System.

1)Provide a safe and sound fit around the stoma

2)They assist you with a much cleaner and controllable system for a controlled waste flow from the pouch 

3)The Hollister Ostomy Pouching System comes with another advantage of lying flatter against the skin and thus appearing less under clothing

4)Hollister Ostomy Products give the combination of the right skin barrier and pouching +systems that hold tightly against the skin, protect it well and keep the pouching system in the right place

Are Hollister Ostomy Products latex-free?

The term latex-free with medical products means that it does not contain Natural Rubber Latex (NRL). This becomes a significant concern while choosing your Ostomy Supplies and Accessories since natural rubber may contain latex proteins known to incite allergic reactions in those who have a latex allergy. This is why many medical applications no longer use natural rubber as a material in their product designs. 

 When we talk of the Ostomy Products that are latex-free, one prominent example that comes to our mind is the Hollister New Image Two-Piece Ultra-Clear Drainable Ostomy Pouch With Lock n Roll Microseal Closure. This product is not made of Natural Rubber Latex but comes with some extraordinary features and is worth an investment. At last, the ostomates should understand that they also have the right to access high-quality ostomy and urological products and therefore should contact only the trusted suppliers for getting a trustworthy product.  


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