Esteem Synergy® One-Piece Closed Pouch, Stoma Opening 1-7/8" (48mm), Transparent 8" (20.3cm), - Box Of 30

ConvatecSKU: SQU 416778

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Esteem synergy®+ Pouches
(Compatible with Esteem synergy® Skin Barriers.)
The Esteem synergy®+ system features an innovative Adhesive Coupling Technology™. Instead of plastic rings, a foam adhesive securely couples the pouch to the skin barrier's clear plastic “Landing Zone." The result is a low profile, flexible, secure system, with the convenience of a one piece and the versitility of a two-piece. Esteem synergy® skin barriers feature Stomahesive® or Durahesive® technologies and are designed to be gentle yet durable to protect sensitive peristomal skin.

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