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MEPORE Adhesive Plaster

MEPORE Adhesive Plaster

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Easy-to-use self adhesive dressing with increased comfort and wear time. Mepore is the worlds first gentle, secure and long lasting self adhesive dressing. Its absorption qualities makes Mepore a suitable dressing for the treatment of low to moderately exuding wounds such as surgical incisions, minor burns, cuts and abrasions. The protective layer and rounded corners enhance its ease of application. Good absorption and solvent-free adhesive. Gentle and secure fixation, rounded corners and protective layer Increased comfort and wear time. Flexible fabric that conforms well to body contours.


  • Gentle skin-friendly, water-based adhesive
  • Absorbent, non-adherent wound pad keeps wound clean, reduces the risk of wound contamination, minimizes the risk of adherence to the wound and reduces dressing change frequency
  • Flexible, fluid-repellent backing
  • Air permeable to prevent maceration and promote comfort
  • Surgical incisions and sutured wounds
  • Laproscopy and Arthroscopy puncture sites
  • Abrasions and low-exuding traumatic wounds
  • Cannula sites
  • Shallow wounds with little or no exudate


  • Sterile in single packs
  • Non-Sterile in 5 metre rolls
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