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MEPIFORM - Sterile Self-Adherent Silicone Gel Scar Dressing

MEPIFORM - Sterile Self-Adherent Silicone Gel Scar Dressing

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Topical silicone empirically has been shown to have a positive impact on hypertrophic and keloid scars. Mepiform® should optimally be worn 24 hours a day. It is recommended that Mepiform is removed once a day (e.g., when showering or bathing) for inspection and washing of the skin. For prophylactic treatment, Mepiform should be used for 2–6 months depending on the condition of the scar.


  • Conforms well to body contours
  • No extra fixation is needed
  • May be cut to size
  • Thin, flexible and discreet
  • May be worn in daily activities
  • May be re-applied
  • May be used for several days

Wear time

Mepiform should optimally be worn for 24 hours a day. Remove the dressing once per day for inspection and washing of the skin. The dressing can then be reapplied. Mepiform should under normal conditions be changed every 3 - 7 days or when the adherent properties of the dressing are no longer sufficient.

Areas of use

  • Old and new hypertrophic and keloid scars
  • Closed wounds which may prevent the formation of hypertrophic and keloid scars
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